Freedom ride definition is - a ride made by civil rights workers through states of the southern U.S. to ascertain whether public facilities (such as bus terminals) are desegregated.

The Freedom Riders Reunite 50 Years Later The Freedom Riders Reunite 50 Years Later. Season 25 Episode 25100 Aired on 05/04/2011 | CC tv-pg. Available until 12/31/2030. On the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides, the show honors the 436 brave and determined people who risked their lives to change a nation. Oprah welcomes the 180 surviving members of the 1961 Freedom Rides. Iowa Freedom Riders: A Review - Base and Superstructure Jun 15, 2020

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Freedom Rides Museum (Montgomery) - 2020 All You Need to Without a guided tour of Montgomery, you might miss out on some of the places and stories that give this historic Southern city its charm. Follow your guide through central Montgomery to sixteen top historic sites such as the Civil Rights Memorial Center, Freedom Riders Museum, and Equal Justice Initiative. FRMC Home — Freedom Riders MC