My router (Asus TM-AC1900) supports UPnP, but I'm afraid it's not working properly because I use some programs (or devices like XBox) that are supposed to open ports but they're not being opened. I

Solved: UPnP still broken on R6400 - NETGEAR Communities UPnP stopped working on the R6400 as of a recent firmware upgrade; I'm thinking it was in June. is now out, and UPnP still doesn't work. Am I correct in assuming that this is a known problem? And that it will be fixed some day? UPnP - Google Wifi Help UPnP is short for Universal Plug and Play. It’s a protocol that lets UPnP-enabled devices on your network automatically discover and communicate with each other, as well as create more direct channels of communication with the internet.

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Sep 21, 2014

Solved: UPnP on or off ? - NETGEAR Communities