Apr 01, 2019 · Proxy servers hide your real IP address and assign you with a new one. Unlike VPNs for Mac, proxy servers don’t cost anything. You can easily find proxy servers with a simple Google search and may connect to any of them. However, if compared to a VPN, proxy servers are not as convenient.

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However the Mac address can be used to identify a device which is its purpose and to track the history of networks a device was connected to. Android 10 spoofs the Mac address on WiFi by default, so does Tails. Most other OSes can be configured to do so, though the Mac address is the easiest but my not be the only way to identify a device. Tor is a great way to hide the IP-address of the Mac system as when you use its server, your request will be sent through different servers by keeping your identity hidden. The website will not have any access to trace your location or IP. Jul 04, 2020 · You can do this on your Mac itself, by going to your TCP/IP settings and asking for a new DHCP lease, which will give you a new IP address which is private. Or to change the IP of your entire network, you can ask your ISP to change your ISP for you if your current IP is compromised. But remember one thing, you cannot hide your IP from your ISP.