DIR-880L does not use the DNS servers manually entered

How to set up Smart DNS on Amazon Fire TV | SmartyDNS Enter SmartyDNS primary DNS Server address (11) and click “Next” (12). You can find the entire list of all available DNS addresses by signing in to your account on our website, by going to Setup-> DNS Servers. If you don’t have a SmartyDNS account, you can try our services for free for 3 days. For Aussie users : Getting pfSense to work with Telstra Cable There will no longer be the need to login via your firewall OR software client. Authentication will be made at the MAC address of the cable modem. When the change is made (in about 1 to 2 month's time), set your pfsense box to DHCP. (NOT bigpond.) From a developer's (and a Telstra Cable user's) view, their life is now made easier!

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Check Public DNS IP Addresses for Telstra Bigpond DNS Servers in Australia. You can use these dns server ips in your windows or mac dns settings to fetch public ips of domains from that server. Which DNS Servers to use? - Telstra CrowdSupport - 784438

Public DNS Server List

Use quick tools and FAQs to get help with your Telstra account, billing enquiries, mobile data usage, nbn plans or your entertainment subscriptions Cable internet uses coaxial cable to deliver internet and pay TV services to your home. Cable broadband connections are faster than ADSL, providing high-speed internet access. Our cable network will ultimately be replaced by the nbn network in most areas. When the time comes, switching is easy with our nbn-ready cable internet plans. Telstra Internet Direct can host a DNS domain for you. This service is available to customers who do not wish to host their domain on their own DNS server and allows for the flexible administration of their domain. For more information or to configure a domain enter CustData (available to customers only). Secondary Domain Name System (DNS)