Aug 12, 2015 · This could happen due to one of the following reasons: 1. The remote computer is not capable of exchanging policies with the Remote Desktop Gateway. 2. The remote computer's configuration does not permit a new connection. 3. The connection between the Remote Desktop Gateway and the remote computer ended.

[Error] - RDWeb the remote computer cannot be found please May 09, 2018 You receive various certificate related error messages Jan 04, 2011

Dec 05, 2017

Fix: Remote Desktop Can't Find The Computer Jul 21, 2016

A connection to the remote computer could not be established. You might need to change the network settings for this connection. The user is able to browse realms on the appliance, but cannot establish a tunnel to it.

Chances are you are able to use the RemoteApp and Desktops tab just fine, but for some reason you cannot connect to any computer you type into that blasted “Connect to” field! Just a guess here, but I would assume you have a Remote Desktop Gateway deployed and you are accessing RDWeb from outside the corporate network . I then get message of Remote App Disconnected. TS rap is preventing connection to remote computer, TS gateway, Due to following reasons: 1. Don't have permissions to connect to remote computer through the TS Gateway Server. 2. The name specified in the remote computer does not match the name in the TS rap