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Feb 26, 2013 Torrents stuck at "downloading meta-data" and sometimes Jan 25, 2008 Some magnet links stuck on downloading metadata · Issue Oct 18, 2014 QBittorrent stuck at downloading metadata · Issue #45 OK, it wont recover by itself.. after 2 days torrent still stuck at downloading metadata.. Copy link Quote reply Deleetdk commented Apr 16, 2019. This issue is revolved by restarting the application. In my case, it won't close properly either, so I force kill it. After restarting, it will download the metadata.

Jul 20, 2020

Jun 02, 2020

[libtorrent] libtorrent: torrents always in "downloading

Torrent not working downloading metadata Rating: 6,4/10 433 reviews Torrents stuck at meta. So the problem I have already occured with uTorrent and now keeps on bothering me with qBittorren as well. If the proxy is turned off everything works fine. I've tried a bunch of different torrents some from other sites , and some other clients like Home Page | TorrentRT Torrent RT is an easy to use and fast downloading torrent client for Windows. By using it you can search and dowload torrents, watch while downloading How do I fix the "Downloading Metadata" error on UTorrent Jan 21, 2013 The Best Torrent Sites 2020: Complete Guide to The Most The Pirate Bay. Year Founded: 2003. Monthly active users: 106.08-million. Global Site Rank: 209. …