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The encryption of VPNArea is performed with the most secure password, AES-256. VPNArea prevents DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC leaks, as well as the basic VPN shutdown switch feature that protects you from any possible disconnection of VPNArea. Even better, it runs its own zero-log DNS servers to keep your personal information private.

The Anti-DNS Leak feature is designed to ensure that you are protected the whole time you are connected to VPNArea. In this window, you can check your DNS location or set the settings to default. In the Auto-IP Changer feature, you can choose the number of minutes after which your IP address will be changed automatically. A Seychelles-based DNS Proxy service which enables users to change their DNS by using its Smart DNS Server IPs to unblock websites and stream content in different countries. 23/07/2020 · VPNArea is a fairly cheap provider in comparison to other VPN services of a similar quality. VPNArea’s monthly plan is the most expensive option at $9.90, but you can drop this right down to $2.99 on the three-year plan, saving you 70%. There’s also an annual plan at $4.92, a reduction of 50%.

1-month package. It charges $9.90 per month and it comes without Anti-WebRTC and DNS Leak protection, read the comprehensive guide to IP, DNS and webRTC leaks. This is an excellent package to test the features of VPNArea and later on we can upgrade to other packages as well.

VPNArea was launched in 2012 and has been providing excellent VPN service ever since. They are truly a global provider with excellent security measures in place and a …