Service overview and network port requirements for Windows

May 17, 2020 linux - When would I open Port 53 for DNS? - Server Fault If the application server in question is not a DNS server then you do not require port 53 to be open. An "open port" means that the port is externally visible to clients in the network (or out on the internet, possibly). Contrary to popular belief a server or host does not need to have port 53 open to make outgoing DNS queries - this is not how Client Support Area | Private Internet Access VPN Service

I also have the same symptoms where my DNS servers ( or are attempting connections to ephemeral ports using IPv4. Given I am behind a router which would require ports to be forwarded for new connections, is this the McAfee firewall blocking something that should be allowed (i.e. some established connections)?

May 08, 2020

networking - How to redirect DNS to different ports

Apr 17, 2018