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Permanently Delete Facebook - Deactivate Facebook How To Permanently Delete Facebook Figuring out how to delete Facebook is no easy feat and that is not by accident. If you’ve ever taken some time to search and find out how you delete Facebook, then you know it probably took quite a while and it’s also possible … How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently How To Delete Facebook Account? Warning: When you will “delete” your account for permanently, you can not get back it again. If you even have a small feeling that you might need to get to your account later on, at that point it is smarter to “Deactivate” your account as opposed to Deleting it permanently. How to delete your Facebook account, once and for all - CNET

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In theory, deleting your account removes all Facebook data related to you. In reality it's more complicated,taking about 90 days. Allegations of complicitywith National Security Agency surveillance and multiple data-privacy breaches suggest that your data may never truly be deleted. Backup your databefore deletion if you'd like a copy. You can find the option in Facebook's Settings under "General" and then "Delete Your Account and Information" or you can use this handy link and click on "Delete My Account." Note that Facebook

Permanently Delete Facebook - Deactivate Facebook

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account: 6 Steps Oct 03, 2019 How to Delete Messages From Facebook Messenger Apr 13, 2020 How to Delete Your Facebook Account RELATED: How to Quickly Delete Lots of Old Facebook Posts. One final message from Facebook informing you that in case you change your mind, the company will hold onto your profile and data for 30 days. Click the “Delete Account” button to proceed. That’s it. Facebook will sign you out and return you to the “Log into Facebook” page. How To Delete Facebook Data Forever | Time