How do I check if my Snapchat username / phone number was

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This leak includes the emails and passwords for every single Instagram account registered before 2015. Just open up the database in your favorite text editor and Ctrl + F for the email or username you want to hack. Proof of content, first 100 lines of accounts:

Jan 01, 2014 Snapchat denies CEO called India poor, hackers retaliate Anonymous Indian hackers claim to have leaked database of 1.7 million Snapchat users, which they hacked last year.. The move by the hackers came in retaliation to Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel's

The Indian hackers said that there was a vulnerability in Snapchat's database last year revealing details of 1.7 million users. The data has been leaked on the darknet as a move to retaliate the company's remark against India.

Snapchat: 4.6 Million Users Affected By Data Leak | Jan 01, 2014 Indian Hackers Leak Snapchat Database – ALNIONLINE Apr 18, 2017 Indian hackers claim to leak database of 1.7 million tech2 News Staff Apr 17, 2017 15:42:09 IST. Following the events after the alleged remarks made by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, according to an allegedly disgruntled ex-employee, anonymous Indian hackers are now claiming to have leaked a database of 1.7 million Snapchat users. According to a report, the hack was done last year.. The Indian hackers said that there was a vulnerability in Snapchat